Friday, May 11, 2012

2013 ART: VIDEO: flora - elros Tuominen

Music visual: flora - elros Tuominen
Music visual: elros Tuomnien is a leader in the development of music visuals as a new style of art, a style made possible by the emergence of user-crafted virtual worlds and user-managed videography.
Watch on YouTube
  • Machinima made in Second Life,
  • Using interactive art works 
  • In an immersive environment
  • The work of Elros Tuominen
Machinima creado dentro de Second Life, compuesto por varias esculturas cinéticas interactivas dentro de un ambiente inmersivo, de elros Tuominen.
La belleza de la Primavera y la lluvia creando la vida en un bosque, una selva, una naturaleza virtual, pero no ficticia.
Música de Cygni Vox - The Hymn of Spring

Music Visual?  OK, I made up that name for this style of art.   Fantasia was the first music visual.  Ever since I watched Fantasia, I have wanted to see the style return.  Now it is beginning to develop in Second Life.  
A music visual like this one uses the technology of Second Life as a paint brush.  You may see objects, but the video is not about the objects.  The video is about itself. 

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