Sunday, May 13, 2012

2013 VIDEO: Pooky Media takes on the Tiger Mosquito for California

Pooky Media takes on the Tiger Mosquito 
for California

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"Students learn how to find and control the Asian Tiger Mosquito in their yards. Do you live in Los Angeles County California? If so, request your kit today and be a part of our scientific study!" 
"....our first Public Service Announcement (PSA) for theSan Gabriel Valley Mosquito Vector Control District. This video will be shown in school auditoriums to help kids learn what they need to do to keep their home areas safe from the invasive Asian Tiger Mosquito. These school children will also be given sample kits to collect samples of water from around their home areas, which will help determine the extent of the mosquitoes' breeding...."
Another example of what somebody can do with Machinima from Second Life.  At least what Pooky Media can do.

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