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2013 1stHELP: Communication in Second Life: Instant messages and voice calls 2012

Communication in Second Life:
Instant messages and voice calls 
Instant messages (IMs) and voice calls are private.  Local chat and local voice are public. 
Some of the detailed instructions apply to Second Life Viewer 3.  Other viewers may differ
To start an instant message or voice call with someone nearby, right click on the avatar and choose your option in the window that opens.
Other avatar right-click window
To start an instant message or voice call with someone not present, open the person's profile.  Click on the envelope (top right) and choose IM.
  • The IM connection works across the whole grid
  • Text in green may have come from a scripted object
  • Text in green may be a web link.  To open the page, click on the green text
  • To send an object, notecard, LM, or other transferrable asset, drag it from inventory to the text bar
  • Note that the Conversation Window offers other options.
To open a person's profile, find the person 
When you start an instant message, 
you get the conversation window
Conversation window
From the conversation window you can do the things listed in the graphic above.
Voice call
  • Disconnects you from local voice
  • Opens a private conversation with the person
  • Lets you adjust the volume of that person's voice
  • Returns you to local voice when the call ends
Have your IMs sent to your email address when you are offline
  • IMs sent when you are offline will be delivered when you log in.
  • Unless you get too many--then they are capped
  • -
  • Get the message even if your IMs get capped
  • Check your IMs without loading the viewer
  • Reply to the IM just as if it were email
  • The other person gets your response as if you sent it inworld
  • Send IMs to email
Keep logs of IMs for later use
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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