Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2013 HELP: Terraforming, Starter page

Terraforming, Starter page
Right-click on the land you want to terraform
Land right-click window
Edit terrain window
Choose Raise and click on the land you might want to raise.  When you move the cursor off the window and over the land, the cursor will be a bulldozer surrounded by an array of up arrows.  The arrows indicate the area that will be affected if you left-click.
If you don't mind raising the land a bit, try a quick click.  Don't hold the button down.   The land will rise as long as you hold the button down. And you may find that it is much harder to get the land back to smooth than it was to get it out of shape.
- There is a land smoother in the Hobo kit. And you will have noted the revert option in the Edit terrain window.  These may help you after you get some experience with editing terrain.  But the best advice for a beginner is "Don't mess up the land too much."
Effect of raising the land a bit

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