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2013 HELP: Coalesced object: What is that?

Coalesced object: What is that?  
Symbol for Coalesced Object
Viewer 2.x
A coalesced "object" is really a collection of objects treated  as a single asset item in your inventory. You can recognize it in your inventory by its special graphic,  a jumble of boxes.  It will normally be in your objects folder.

If you rez a coalesced object (see caution below), all the objects in the collection should rez just as they were positioned when they were taken into inventory.  They will not be linked into a single object, although any links that were present when the collection was taken should remain. 
Before you rez a coalesced object, be sure you are in a location that has enough unused prim capacity to accommodate  the collection of objects.  Also be sure that you are placing the coalesced object far enough from the parcel boundary that none of the individual objects will go out of the parcel.  If you don't meet those conditions, parts of the coalesced object may not rez.   If the object is no copy, some parts  may be permanently lost.
How would you get a coalesced object?  
  • Somebody might send you a coalesced object to send multiple objects in one package.
  • A collection of objects might be returned to from land you don't own.
  • You might make a coalesced object for easy handling.
Why would someone make a coalesced object?
  • to collect things that won't work right if linked as one object
  • to collect things that will be used as separate objects
How do you use a coalesced object?
  • See caution above.
  • Rez it.
  • Take the separate parts if you want.
  • Use it as one object if that suits you.
  • Don't move or take it as if it were one object.
  • To take or move it as a whole, see in the next section.
How do you make a coalesced object?  
On one of the objects you want to collect, 
  • right click, 
  • click edit,  
  • select* the other objects you want in the collection, 
  • right click on one of the objects, 
  • click on take.
*for example by surrounding
How to recover coalesced objects

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