Monday, May 16, 2011

2013 1stHELP: The secret of the right-click windows

The secret of the right-click windows 
To get a menu of options you have with something, 
right-click on it.  
Then select the option you want.
Ok. It's not a secret to you, because you are reading this.
The instructions here are for viewers of the 3.x class The instruction details may not always apply to other viewers.
My avatar right-click window
Click on image to enlarge
  Land right-click window
Land and houses 2012
Object Right-click Window
Other avatar right-click window
Dealing with other avatars

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  1. But-but-but... How do you expect to have so many functions without a 'More' button!? (O.o)


  2. Like I used to tell my clients, you can have fewer buttons if you cut down on what you can do.