Friday, May 20, 2011

2013 HOBBIES: Hobo haunts Episode 2

Hobo haunts 2
The first edition of  Hobo haunts
Rail sites
Trains run by these sites.  You can easily hop a train. (Right click on the train, select ride.)

VRC Pini Hobo Station
A station run by Striker Jenkins as part of the Virtual Railway Consortium. Has a Hobo Hangout and free train equipment.

VRC Pini Hobo Station
Lionheart's Railroad Tunnel
Hobo Hangout
Hobo Hangout in a subway.  Watch out for the trains.
Event sites
Hobo Juke Joint

Groucho March sings at Hobo Juke Joint
Web Site:
Livestream channel
During events you may be filmed by 
Please leave the area if you do not wish your avatar to be included in filming. You can watch the show live, too, when filming is going on, at the above web site.
Blog for announcements:
This is one of many hobo hangouts in SL. It's intended to be a hobo sanctuary and a community. Everyone is welcome here. 
Lollygagger Lane

Lollygagger Lane
Lollgagger Lane is an international community of content creators, artists, musicians and imaginative intellects from all walks of life.
We are children of the hobo culture and firmly based in the SL hobo philosophy. We foster collaborative builds and the creation of open content. The Lane is a unique setting in Second  Life, it is home to unusual shops and is host to musical events both live and djed and is newbie friendly.
The Lollygaggers are active in the Second Life community participating in major SL events like Relay For Life, Burn, and SL Birthday Events.
Newcomer Welcome Sites
Hobo Village (infohub)

Hobo Village (infohub)
Hobo Helpers at Hyles 
Hobo Island

Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt 
at Hobo Island
Hobo Helpers HQ at Cookie
Arcadia's Barrio

Now part of the Arcadia Asylum Museum, this area is just across the tracks from the Hobo Railroad Infoub.
Arcadia Museum

Arcadia Museum
Extensive collection of free stuff from the art of Arcadia Asylum and Aley Arai


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