Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2012: Kit: Facebook now has Hobo Helpers from Second Life

Facebook now has Hobo Helpers in Second Life 
That's a Facebook group.  The corresponding Second Life group is Hobo Helpers.

Hobo Helpers in Second Life (Facebook group)
Goal: to provide information/help to people
  • in Second Life or 
  • interested joining Second Life 
Post questions in this group. We have blog, web, and inworld resources as well as members in the Facebook group with extensive experience in Second Life.
This is an open group. Anyone can see its contents. Anyone is welcome to join.  If you need an invitation, send a message to Selby Evans (Thinkerer Melville inworld).  If you have a question, post it to the group.  Somebody in the group will probably be able to answer it.
Feel free to ask any question about Second Life, including how to do things and what goes on there.   Expect that the question may be answered in a public blog.

If you are doing a report or news article about Second Life, you are welcome to use any content you want from this blog.  You will also find a number of other blogs that may be of use to you listed in the right-hand column of this blog.
Hobo Helpers ( Second Life Group)
The Hobo Helpers is a Second life group dedicated to helping people in Second Life.
Hobo Helpers is primarily a Text-4-Help service...To get help from Hobo Helpers, you join the group and use group chat to ask for help.

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