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2021 VW: Metaverse hubs to connect the metaverse. The focus is on shared interests, not tech. Because the metaverse is made of people.

Metaverse hubs to connect the metaverse.  
The focus is on shared interests, not tech.
Because the metaverse is made of people.
The metaverse needs hubs.  They would be the first step towards interconnection.  

What is a metaverse hub?

"The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space,[1] including the sum of all virtual worldsaugmented reality, and the Internet."  Wikipedia
  • "Persistent virtual space" has been around for years as virtual worlds.
  • There are many virtual worlds and many, many active groups in these worlds.

  • Hub (Network): A hub is a network node with lots of links.
  • A metaverse hub is a place in the metaverse with links to other parts of the metaverse.
  • OpenSimulator and the hypergrid are an example of the developing metaverse.
  • Hypergrid hub. (Spreadsheet--the flat web) Links to known grids.
  • Grid is a common metaverse term for virtual worlds under one management.
  • So hypergrid hub is a web page that connects OpenSimulator grids
  • Community Virtual Library: Explore-SL Spreadsheet 
  • This is a community hub with links to SL libraries, museums, exhibitions, tutorials, galleries, and more...
  • Metaverse & NFT News & Media Network (LnkedIn)
  • But why not a hub in the metaverse?  That's being set up in 3DWebWorldz.

Why would you want a metaverse hub?

  • To help people find parts of the metaverse new to them.
  • To bring together people from many parts of the metaverse.
  • To help people find other people with similar interests.
  • Collaboration will promote metaverse growth.

Where would you put a metaverse hub?

  • Where it is easy to get to.
  • So, on a web page.  Everybody knows how to get to a web page.
  • Starting a model hub: 3DWebWorldz.
  • Nothing to install. No registration for entry.
  • You just click  the link above to go there.
  • This will be a model--there should be many.

What would you put in a metaverse hub?

  • To be useful, a hub would focus on a common interest, such as education.
  • It would have booths for communities doing something about that interest.
  • The booths would display promotional content about the group's work.
  • Probably displays a calendar of group events.
  • Perhaps offer short videos about the work.
  • Certainly offer links to the group's websites.
  • Certainly offer ways to contact the group.
  • Perhaps offer contact hours when a live person is available at the booth.

A live person at the hub?

  • This is easy in the metaverse.
  • The live person just has to be at a computer.
  • The booth can present a bell: "Ring bell for service."
  • Or the hub can send notification whenever anyone enters.
  • The second case would represent collaboration among the groups.
  • Whoever responds when someone enters would provide general help at the hub.
  • The second case might have a helper available much of the time.

The hub as a meeting place

  • Groups could have meetings at the hub.
  • Meetings among members of  that group.
  • Or better, meetings in collaboration with other groups.

Metaverse overview

Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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