Sunday, December 5, 2021

2021 TKR: Role playing and narrative-based learning. Therapy, Hobby, language learning. Social activity for online learning.

Role playing and narrative-based learning.  
Therapy, Hobby, language learning.  
Social activity for online learning 
Role-playing is one of the most powerful teaching strategies you can incorporate in your eLearning course.
Social skills are vitally important to success in life, but where do we find practice space for them? John Arcadian, a writer and publisher of tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, talks about the benefits that can be gained from playing out characters in Tabletop Role-playing Games.

Illustrative applications in PBL

Explain the objective of your project under 3 of these circumstances

  • You are presenting the explanation to your team members and want it to be the team statement of the objective
  • You are presenting the explanation to your teacher and want approval.
  • You are presenting the report to Commissioner Gordon.
  • You are are putting it into a letter to your grandmother.
  • You are offering the report to support an application for admission to a college.
  • You are offering the report to  support  an application for a scholarship.
  • You are offering this project report in support of a job application.

Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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