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2018 HG: PEOPLE: Exploring the Hypergrid: tours, destinations, addresses, communication.

Exploring the hypergrid:   
tours, destinations, addresses, communication
Updated 9/11/2018
What you need to know to explore the Hypergrid: Community tours, how to find and use addresses, how to communicate with people on other grids
HG Safari Clubhouse
Hypergridding has changed the face of OpenSim. It has opened doors and forged friendships across grids. As much as it's still a work in progress, the possibility to visit 'foreign countries' is one of the most intriguing, challenging, and fascinating aspects of OpenSim. ... OpenSim has blossomed into a cross pollination of creativity, and created in many a sense of belonging to the whole hyperverse, rather than just one niche.-- Pings from the afterlife


HG addresses: Instructions for Firestorm

HG travel has a bothersome number of fault modes.  To be a happy hypergridder, you need a fair amount of Fault Tolerance.  The good side is that Fault Tolerance is a useful life skill. Here is your chance to practice it. 

Standard forms of HG address

  • Put the HG address into your world map, next to Find.  Click FindTP
  • (Takes you to the grid default entry region.)
  • At the grid default region you can use the world map to find your destination.
  • You can also use a Firestorm hop on the destination grid: 
  • hop:// II/125/356/22
  • The Firestorm Hop takes you to the coordinates of your destination
  • Unicode can cause problems in HG addresses and maybe elsewhere
  • A second HG address form will work on many grids: 
  • II
  • This address will take you directly to the Cookie II region on Kitely.
  • Many regions have walkin TPs or other TPs to let you select your final destination.

Communication on the Hypergrid

  • IMs and voice work as you would expect
  • Hypergridderers often use email and Skype because they work without a logon. 
  • IMs generally work across grids.
  • Get people on your friends list if you want to contact them
  • Otherwise you will have to go to their grid to find them in search.
  • Google+ communities are widely used for communication across the HG
  • You can use your Avatar name in Google communities.
  • You can read and post on laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

G+ Communities of the Hypergrid

Hypergrid Tours



Google communities of the Hypergrid

Choosing a grid to be your home base


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