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Hypergrid: Starter guide on the web: 
The self-teaching method.
Updated 7/5/2016
When you go into a virtual world, you need to learn how to do things, starting with walking and talking. That can't be hard. Every baby does it. Without reading the instructions. That is because babies are born with a built in ability to learn. You don't lose that ability when you grow up. This series shows how to write beginner instructions for virtual worlds to reactivate that ability.
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  • Where is Arcadia?

Irish Blessings Short Poetry Workshop-Tue 3/1, 7pm SLT 

This week Arabella Nemeth is guest host at the Short Poetry Workshop with Irish Blessings in honor of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll be studying the Irish Blessing as a poetry form. So join us for a fun night of poetry.


          Occasional tasks

          Register in Kitely (or another grid)

          1. Have the email address you want to use at hand
          2. You can Log in with your Facebook or Twitter account
          3. You will need your password for that account
          4. Or prepare the password you will use.  Include letters, numbers, and caps.
          5. Always use a different password for a new account. 
          6. Chose a name for your avatar.  Use your real name or pick a name you can live with.  
          7. Go to the main website for Kitely
          8. Click on Create new account.
          9. Fill out the form.  Keep the Kitely link handy

          Download and install a viewer

          • Download the OpenSim version of Firestorm
          • Be sure to get the version for OpenSim.
          • Get the 64 bit version if you have a 64 bit machine and operating system.
          • The download win put a set-up file on your machine, but wait.
          • Before you start installing, remove any old version of Firestorm for OpenSim
          • Restart your machine (always good before installing important software).
          • Don't  start any programs after the restart until the install is done. 
          • To start the installation, run the set-up file.
          • The set-up file will leave a button to start Firestorm.

          Set up a viewer to login to a grid

          Upcoming article

          How are grids on Hypergrid different from the Second Life grid?

          • Inventory: ingrid and hypergrid. Firestorm
          • The Second Lifer's guide to Hypergrid. Summary
          • They cost of land is about 10% of the cost in SL.
          • The grids are smaller that in SL.  
          • The total area available to you may be larger than in SL.
          • A lot of grids are non-commercial and do not guarantee uptime.
          • You can run your own grid and connect it to Hypergrid.
          • There are multiple commercial grids; no one has a monopoly.
          • Land prices and services are competitive.
          • On some grids you can load a sim (OAR file) from your computer.
          • On some grids you can save your sim to an OAR file on your computer.
          • The OAR file will save all the sim contents you fully own. 
          • The OAR file lets you put your build on multiple grids.
          • Or move your activities to another grid.  
          • Scripts allow a number of features not available in LSL
          • Physics is not as good as in SL and is in turmoil at present
          • Travel in the HG works like TP but is more complicated and less reliable.
          • Chic Aeon Explains Hypergrid Travel
          • Travelling with Firestorm. Local, nearby, ingrid, Hypergrid, summary
          • Communication works across the HG with friends but not easily with strangers
          • Google+ communities are used for a lot  of communication.
          • Events:  HYPEvents is most comprehensive collection. 
          • Destination guideOpenSimWorld does the same, but is not as well promoted.
          • Beginner guides: Being developed.  I seek some I can recommend.
          • Welcome points: Grids have welcome points. 
          • Some communities have welcome points.   
          • Some welcome points are good, but not promoted for HG
          • The Hypergrid Welcome Center begins operation.
          • Market: Kitely Market serves most of the Hypergrid.

          Look ahead

                        • Questions about Hypergrid or OpenSim? Live people resources
                        • This article is the first of a series aimed developing an Introduction to the Hypergrid.
                        • The introduction is to be readable and helpful as it stands.
                        • It is also intended to serve as an outline for organizing more information.
                        • And to offer learning/teaching objectives for more extensive instruction. 
                        • All in the self-teaching mode, with objectives followed by minimal instructions
                        • and links to more elaborate instruction if you need it.  
                        • Please put suggestions in comments on this article.
                        • Or send them to me (Selby Evans) as notecards in Kitely.
                        • You can send suggestions for additional content to this article.
                        • You can send suggestions for hyperlinks to be inserted into this article.



                        News and Notes


                          The Hypergrid WIP Show

                          The Hypergrid WIP is a one hour "show & tell" of works in progress or recently completed. All builders from beginner to pro are invited.  Presentations are in voice and text.  For text presentations, best bring the text in a notecard and paste it into chat.  Voice presentations may be captured in video.  Stills and videos from the show may appear in this blog and elsewhere.

                          Next WIP show 

                          • Next WIP show: Sun. Mar. 13, Noon SLT
                          • Narasnook location
                          • world.narasnook.com:8900
                          • Put the line above in your World Map next to Find.  Click FindTP
                          • At Narasnook, use World Map to search for Pandora
                          • Narasnook  location
                          • world.narasnook.com:8900
                          • Put the line above in your World Map next to Find.  Click FindTP
                          • At Narasnook, use World Map to search for Pandora
                          • Cookie II location
                          • HG address below: paste into the World Map next to Find. Click Find, TP
                          • grid.kitely.com:8002:Cookie II 
                          • in Kitely: paste into Nav (top) bar of Firestorm, Enter.
                          • hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Cookie II/68/369/22

                            Previous Articles from the WIP show 

                            HG links-- depending on your interests 

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