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2016 WRITE: Writers of the virtual worlds: Author Doug Green. Speculative fiction on the internet.

Writers of the virtual worlds: Author Doug Green. Speculative fiction on the internet
With nearly every new story or movie being a reboot of a previous hit, the public is hungry for new ideas, new worlds, new universes to explore.  Such is the case with the science fiction novel 'Awakening' written by Douglas Green. 'Awakening' takes a fresh look at human history, and alien intervention throughout mankind's evolution.

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          The concept that we are not alone, nor have we ever been, is revealed in startling detail. 'Awakening' explores the worldwide government cover up that has brainwashed the entire human race for hundreds of years, and the efforts of one man to lead the battle to expose it.
          Our story takes place in the year 2388. One man wakes up naked and alone in a field of grass. Not remembering where he is, or even who he is, he begins stumbling toward his destiny one unsteady step after the other.
          What he discovers is a futuristic world of beauty and mystery that defies his logic and drives him to the conclusion that something is wrong.
          The Earth has been struck by a killer comet that nearly destroyed all life. The survivors struggled to regain their lives and found themselves in a devastating battle for survival.
          In the midst of their war appears a fleet of alien spaceships, bearing a message: Surrender to their rule and live, or die battling each other.
          Facing their own extinction, they submit to the Scalien Empire.
          In the years that followed, the aliens helped rebuild human society. But humans resist being slaves even if they are well kept, so they secretly build a military resistance and one day rise up and defeat their alien captors, making them now their slaves.
          And so life went forward for the next 340 years. Until the day this stranger appeared and began to discover one terrible fact...
          That's not the way it happened. History as we know it is a lie.

          'Awakening' is a study of the best, and the worst, that humans can become if left to their own devices. The arrival of these strange beings from outer space set in motion events that would shake the very foundation of humans as a species. The subsequent arrival of this man who would come to be known as 'John Doe' signals the beginning of the end of a generations-long governmental deception to advance at any cost, no matter whether it is right or wrong.
          Author Doug Green has been a writer since childhood, and is published in magazines such as Trek Voyages, an online periodical about all things Sci-fi. His writing skills extend into the virtual world, where he is a live stand up comedian performing at various venues in the virtual world of Second Life. He is a regular comic at Lauren Live every Tuesday at 5 pm PST.
          “I wrote 'Awakening' as an original world that explores the human condition while entertaining the reader with excitement and intrigue that promises to have them on the edge of their seats” Green says.

          Author Doug Green

          Green and his partner and publisher Lou CasaBianca have released Book 1, 'Awakening – Eye of the Scalien' to the public on their private site. Here you will find the electronic version, as well as a complete audiobook, recorded and narrated by Doug himself, and a full musical soundtrack of original tracks, which will be used in the production of a full length animated 3D Augmented Reality movie and video game of the same name.
          Go to www.awakeningcrowd.strikingly.com and place your order for the various versions of 'Awakening.' An Indiegogo funding campaign is also soon to be released, with additional items and 'Awakening' merchandise for sale.
          We wish Doug the best of success with 'Awakening', and look forward to the movie as well as the sequels.


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