Monday, May 12, 2014

2014 VIDEO: STAGE: A set grows in Kitely. Flying Saucers Return

A set grows in Kitely.  Flying Saucers Return (Video)
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  • Building the set on Kitely.  
  • We get a full sized (250 x 250 meters) sim.
  • 100,000 prims.
  • Prim dimensions up to 255 meters.
  • We save to OAR file on our computers for back-up.
  • Metered world.  20 cents per hour per person using it.  
  • Costs us about a dollar (USD) a day.  $30 a month.  
  • Great set-up for private work.    
  • By Avatar Media Productions, a project of New Media Arts
Entrance to the trailer park
Trailers and the laundry room
  • And a mysterious green amulet as the center of attention.  
The water tower is not yet repainted
Some Storyboards
Click image to enlarge
A few of the props for the video
More props, characters, organized in boxes
This is dressing room, makeup, wardrobe and props all in one.
The alien spacesuits
Flying Saucer setup 
  • A black tube, 92 meters high, with rotating starfield.
Making the saucer fly among the stars
Command cabin of the flying saucer
Not textured yet
Trailer interior 
Yes, the interior is bigger than the exterior.  We are producing fiction, you know.
And the walls do slant in
See what effect that gives in the video.
God's eye view of the trailer park
A mysterious green amulet


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