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2014 BIZ: PROMO: Kitely April Hunt was a success: How can we do it better?

Kitely April Hunt was a success: 
How can we do it better?
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  • The way to manage success is to look for ways to ways to improve on it.  
  • Here are some suggestions for the future hunts.
  • Use them on any grid.
  • Use them on the hypergrid.  
  • Tell us about your hunts and ideas in the comments section
  • The April Hunt in Kitely was a success
  • It is being extended as "The Great Hunt" by popular demand.

Looking forward

  • The Kitely community wants to build on the success
  • Details of future hunts are being discussed in the Kitely forums
  • Here is an organized summary of some on the main issues.
  • I tried to include what seemed to be the main ideas and suggestions.
  • Details could vary from hunt to hunt as set by the hunt managing team.
  • TBD means "to be determined."


What do we keep?

  • Software setup
  • Personal score keeper system (eggs found and eggs remaining)
What can we fix?
  • Use clues more effectively, as in a detective story
  • Design arrival points with less clutter
  • Let arrival points harmonize with the local scene
  • Venue owners want to customize arrival point.
  • Venue can add their own local search.
  • Let hosts jump in and out of the hunt as they please
What can we expand?
  • Consider alternative objectives and target audiences.
  • Plan for hypergrid promotion, traffic and exploration.
  • Social: Promote a group for searchers -- 
  • Social: encourage queries via group chat.
  • Give all the treasures unique names so people can talk about them.
  • Plan to incorporate Kitely Market 
  • Maybe clues in some item descriptions?
What can we discard?
  • Maybe the NPC figure (or make it smaller and mod).
  • Other (TBD)

Possible Objectives

  • Help newcomers find their interests.
  • Promote products and stores.
  • Promote communities and places.
  • Promote mature products and communities to Adults.
  • Other objectives? (TBD).
  • Objectives can be combined.
  • Objectives can be subdivided to produce themed hunts.
  • Different objectives might be handled by different teams.

Categorized issues, details left to operating teams 


  • NewcomersProbably continuous, assuming continuous newcomer traffic.
  • All others: TBD, probably episodic, 1-2 months, maybe by seasons.

Departure points 

  • Newcomers:  Welcome center, other newcomer places. 
  • Products and communities: Anywhere on the tour.
  • Mature: only mature places.


  • Newcomers: Welcome center, newcomer help places, community welcome places, freebie places. group controlled sandboxes.
  • All others: Venues matching the type.

Arrival points

  • Newcomers:  Especially unobtrusive if hunt is continuous.
  • All others:  Harmonize with the local scene.


  • Newcomers: Newcomer wants: Houses, vehicles, avatars, etc.
  • All others: Sample products representing product or community.


  • Newcomers:  Social media (hypergrid communities), blogs.
  • All others: Kitely forums, social media, blogs

Themed hunts 

  • Sci-fi
  • Role-play
  • Medieval
  • Story worlds
  • Detective story
  • More (TBD)

Hunt Statisics  by  Dundridge Dreadlow

2785 eggs found during the month of April 2014
At least 78 Players taking part
Worlds taking part: 36

24 generous world owners

 Amiryu Hosoi, Cecil Gudkov, Chav Paderborn, Deuce Halsey, Dot Matrix, Dundridge Dreadlow, Freda Frostbite, GothixGrafx Utherwurldly, Handy Low, Jo Elisa, Johnny Magic, Kayaker Magic, Lexa Minelli, Marstol Nitely, Min Tigerpaw, Motley Mariposa, oopsee joseppe, Ozwell Wayfarer, Paislee Myrtle, Pam Broviak, Quinquifid Oddenfen, Ruby ODegee, Sally Cherry and Sierra Jakob. Thank you all so much !


  • 78 collectors during the April.
  • 17 people claimed over 50 eggs each, and 12 of those over 100.
  • 47 people chatted with Artemis
  • The average number of eggs collected per player with more than one egg was 45
  • Every participating world had between 9 and 25 unique egg finders on their land
  • Over a hundred eggs were found on Paradise Delight II, Hosoi Mura - Edo Honshu Japan, Computer Plaza, The Galleria, and oopsee Creations
  • The most eggs were found on French Quarter and The Township of Llanfarian
  • Two players, yes TWO collected ALL the eggs possible to collect !
  • Congratulations to Cecil Gudkov and Dot Matrix !


Didactic Short Poetry Workshop-Tue 5/6, 7pm SLT
This week Arabella Nemeth is guest host for the Short Poetry Workshop. Arabella will be teaching us about
Didactic poetry, which is form of poetry intended to inform, teach, or morally instruct. So join us to learn, write and share your Didactic poems.


News and Notes

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        Comments (in Kitely Forums)

        by Freda Frostbite » Tue May 06, 2014 5:56 pm
        As a world owner who wants to participate, there are a couple of changes that will make it easier for me to commit to long-term involvement with hunts.
        1. Less stuff on my sim that is related to the hunt. Not referring to the prizes but all the clutter at my landing point. Clutter can be fun and attention grabbing for a brief spurt. After that it is just clutter, a distraction.
        2. What stuff I do need to have on my sim needs to blend with my sim. Can we make the items at the landing more generic than holiday things would be? Can we make it so land managers can change the appearance of hidden objects so that they better fit the world they are in? On my sims, it would make sense to hide objects in books or on scrolls. In someone else's it might make sense to hide them in flowers or parrots.
        3. Personally, I would prefer not to do holiday related hunts, particular religious holidays. We are a global community and need to remember that not everyone does Easter or Diwali or Hogmanay or Ramadan. It is not summer in North America when it is in the south, so harvest holidays are not all at the same times. I think the hunts need to be themed so that they reflect the interests of a broader society.
        Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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