Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2014 BIZ: OPENSIM: KITELY: Why would content creators think about selling in the Kitely market?

Why would content creators think 
about selling in the Kitely market?
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In Depth

Search features 

  • Category: Art to Weapons
  • Color:  Black to Yellow
  • Theme:  Arabian to Western
  • Occasion: Birthday to Wedding
  • Permissions: Mod, Copy, Transfer, Export
  • Customers can search by any of these features


"Kitely Market store Worlds End Landscaping and Roleplay has reached US $1,000 in sales, and another, Hosoi Ichiba, is getting close, said Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner."
Posted by Ozwell Wayfarer 

"Kitely is the ONLY grid to allow it's customers the freedom to import their own OARs, whether created and designed by them, or otherwise freely available in the Meta."

The results of the 2013 OpenSim hosting:
"The second most-wanted feature this year was an online marketplace, with 33 percent of respondents, up from 20 percent in 2011."
Hypergrid Business, Dec 12, 2013 
OpenSim: Kitely’s Market Place Second Look
How to market OpenSim



    Video-Machinima in virtual worlds


    1. I've moved to Kitely and I'm excited about them opening up to the hypergrid. By Kitely moving to the hypergrid and selling to everyone from their market place they have solved a lot of the issues of OpenSim for me. They have protections in place for creators and are blazing the way for OpenSim to become the place to be now. I will be adding things to the market place soon. I was just about to start selling in SL when they put out that new TOS and decided NO WAY was I selling there. Kitely is just a little different but easy enough to learn. I've created a space called Spirit Paths on one of Freda Frostbites regions and so far I'm very happy being in Kitely.

    2. Thanks, Bel. I have been wondering how content creators will assess the level of IP protection offered by the Kitely Market. It looked pretty solid to me, but I don't sell content.