Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 WRITE: PEOPLE: Kickstarter. Storium — The Online Storytelling Game

Kickstarter.  Storium — The Online Storytelling Game
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Storium is a new kind of online game where you and your friends tell any story you can imagine, together.

UPDATE: We've made a major announcement. If we hit $200,000 in funding we will build STORIUM FOR SCHOOLS, a special version of Storium for students, teachers, and schools.

What makes Storium special?
  • Total freedom: You decide what happens in your story.
  • Multiplayer: Write and play with your friends, online.
  • Asynchronous: Play at your own pace.
  • Worlds: Pre-made playsets that help you tell stories in different settings and styles.
  • Something for everyone: You can tell any kind of story you want!


News and Notes

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