Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 HELP: Firestorm defaults: Set build and upload defaults: Permissions, etc.

Firestorm: Set build and upload defaults: 
Permissions, etc.
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  • Kitely joins Hypergrid! 
  • Applications close May 20 for SL Community Celebration
This report applies  to Firestorm Release or later.  Earlier versions of Firestorm may be different.
Firestorm Preferences Build 1 panel
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Who would be interested in choosing their own default permissions

  • Builders 
  • Especially builders on contract
  • People who save sims to OAR files
  • Especially, people who produce videos and need to backup sets
  • People who  upload textures for promotion

The standard default permissions create problems if you:

  • build things that need to be backed up in an OAR file 
  • do promotion that leads you to upload and distribute textures
  • forget to reset every one of them to copy/transfer or copy/mod


To set your custom  permission defaults

  • Avatar -Preferences-Firestorm-Build1 (top tabs) 
  • The settings also apply to textures you upload


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