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CALL For Performers: 
  • Event:  Sunday, August 25th beginning at Noon   
  • WHAT: Shakespeare scenes, monologues, sonnets performed in voice
  • Deadline for application: Monday, August 12th
  • Webpage
By Caledonia Skytower
Stories Unlimited! and StoryFest Events announce the third year of the BARD ON THE VIRTUAL BEACH Weekend Shakespeare Festival, and we would like to invite YOU to be a part of it . . .
If there is sufficient performers and interest, we will open up a Saturdays session in the mid-late afternoon, but not till Sunday is full.  If you are interested in performing but only available on Saturday, please contact Caledonia anyway, to help determine if there's enough interest to merit both sessions.
WHAT: Shakespeare scenes, monologues, sonnets performed in voice. 
    ~ Minimum of 5 minutes in length, maximum of 12 minutes. Participating performers will be required to submit a specified length of their presented pieces in advance of the Festival.  PLEASE be realistic!
    ~ A single presentation may be solo, or include a scene with multiple actors.
    ~ Performers may participate in more than one selection under these conditions: a limit of two selections per day, three in total (subject to program review).
    ~ Selections will not be repeated from one day to the next, so that each session will be unique.
    ~ Minor fluctuations in time may be negotiated directly with Caledonia Skytower– PLEASE be realistic!

TECHNICAL DETAILS: This is a festival, so keep it simple.  There will be a festival stage on the Beach at Nowhereville and seating will be very casual – beach chairs, beach blankets, cushions etc.  PLEASE do not plan on sets. Our festival set is very versatile, with inner above and below exits and a functional balcony level.  A very few furniture pieces will be available to use during your performance if necessary.  Participating performers will be required to request their needs in advance of the Festival.  
Send a notecard to Caledonia Skytower by the end of the virtual day on Monday, August 12th.  Include your name, the piece or pieces you would like to present, approximate length of the performance slot you need, and whether this is a solo performance or a presentation by a group of performers.  You may also email your application information to Caledonia at
Details and schedule drafts will be managed through the StoryFest Events Group (if you are bringing a scene you will need to designate one from your company to be your captain & join that group temporarily to assist in communication/logistics) and through the StoryFest Blog on the web.
PLEASE NOTE: Emphasis in this event is on presenting the best quality of Shakespeare in a traditional outdoor festival setting.  Performers with experience in handling Shakespearean text are encouraged.  If this is the first time you will be doing Shakespeare in a performance environment, this may not be the event for you to be a part of, but you are most welcome to apply.  The Organizers reserve the right to require an audition of performers whose work they are unfamiliar with. 

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