Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 2ndHELP: Group chat: the etiquette

Group chat: the etiquette
Conversation window
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  • Group chat is a channel that spreads typed messages around the group.
  • A message will usually reach most group members who are online at the time. 
  • Groups generally have expectations about what is OK for group chat.
  • Violating those expectations may get some criticism.
  • Repeated violations may get a person ejected from the group.
  • Here are some simple rules.
  • A group has a specific objective for existing.
  • The objective is given in the General tab of the group's profile.
  • Usually, anyt short message related to the group's objective is OK.
  • And anything not related to that objective is not OK.
  • Best shift lengthy conversations to private IM before somebody asks you to.
  • Start private chat: click + button, top of the conversation window (left).
  • Build private conference:  click + button, top of the conversation window (right).
  • Don't be the first person to put adult words into a group channel.
  • Don't use the channel to criticize people or argue.  
  • Don't announce events unless they are clearly related to the group objective
  • When in doubt, check the statement in the General tab. 
  • Or check with an officer in the group.
  • Stick to the business of the group.
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