Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 HELP: Use the media in SL: Browser-On-Prim (BOP) Summary

Use web media in SL:  Browser-On-Prim (BOP) 
These instructions are for standard SL viewer 6.1 and above.  Other viewers may differ in details.
Preferences--Media settings
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  • Streaming media slider adjusts music sound volume.
  • Media slider adjusts sound volume for video on a prim.
  • Click the media autoplay option to see Browser-On-Prim (BOP).
  • If autoplay is off, you will not see BOP unless you click the object.
  • Leave the media sound low or a video may come on too loud.
  • If you hear a BOP when you don't want it, click the speaker to mute it
  • If the BOP offers a video it may start automatically.
  • Or you may have to click the video play button.
  • Several BOPs can be displaying at the same time.
  • People nearby may see the same BOPs, but not in synchrony
BOP control bar

  • When a BOP is active, zoom in close to see the control bar
  • You can click the button on the right to open the page in your main browser
  • There you can bookmark the page or send the link to other people



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