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2013 EDU: Collaboration and leveling up instructional design

Collaboration and leveling up instructional design
Invited post by Azwaldo Villota
A new group is forming in SecondLife™ to promote collaboration in the design of educational content; and YOU are invited to join.
What if expert content creators worked with educators to produce educational content?
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The Spicy Vanilla mission:
1.To facilitate a series of collaborative designs
that deliver effective educational content,
providing the best user experience we can muster.
2.To observe design principles and techniques
used by expert content creators in SecondLife™,
and then to share that knowledge.

If you remember Studio Wikitecture the approach is similar; gather experienced content creators (and educators), toss in an interesting design challenge, and mix until finished. Many educators have shown an interest, some have already joined the group. If you are an experienced content creator, Spicy Vanilla is looking for:
  • builders
  • modelers
  • animators
  • graphic designers
  • audio specialists
  • scripters
The first design challenge, SV1.0 – the Basic Skills Gauntlet has produced a prototype…
Basic Skills Gauntlet
  • a UI skills-reinforcement activity for new users; 
  • also, a work in progress. be presented at the VWBPE 2013 conference:
A poster presentation will also be displayed throughout the event at this location: 
Next on the agenda:  
  • Survey participants to document design principles and techniques, and
  • A call for proposals* for the next project.
* What would YOU build if you had a team of designers alongside? What educational activity or lesson idea have you noodled with long enough to share with the community?\
Many thanks to Tom Layton (SL: ArthurConan Doyle) for donating space in Alice Academy; to Selby for the invitation to post this announcement, to existing members of Spicy Vanilla, and to the early survey respondents (from SLED).
Azwaldo Villota
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