Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2013 GAMES: The Silent Peacock returns: Room 326. Are there any educational hunts?

Games: The Silent Peacock returns: Room 326
A treasure hunt
Back by popular demand
Are there any educational hunts?
  • take the role of a private investigator
  • find and examine evidence
  • search around the  grid for the truth
  • win 15 high quality prizes
When: July 3rd - August 31st 2013

  • point-and-click treasure hunt. 
  • click things for clues to advance in the game
Room 326 hunt vendors are:
  • Never Totally Dead
  • WarBugs Headquarters
  • Sakide
  • Poetica
  • Digs
  • Dwarfins
  • Death Row Designs
  • Just.Because
  • Oceania
  • Druidamus Whisper
  • Shey
  • noctis
  • Mad' [La Boucherie]
  • & Distorted Dreams
  • People voluntarily work to solve puzzle games like this. 
  • They learn answers to things that are of no lasting importance.
  • Just because they like the game.
  • Education has a more efficient system.
  • Give them all the answers at the start.
  • Don't let them waste time figuring things out for themselves.
  • After all, education already has all the answers.
  • Except how to make education as attractive as games.

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