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2013 VIDEO: COMEDY: Comedy Series writing Second Life, Stage 2

Video Comedy Series Writing
in Second Life, Stage 2
You can join this project; read more
The plan
A Special Working Group (SWG) is formed to work on a specific world.  This group produces:
  • A description of the world where the story happens
  • A preliminary cast of characters
  • A preliminary narrative of some comedic events
  • A collection of issues and resolutions that could be used for episodes
  • Comic scenarios for scenes and episodes
  • Draft scripts for scenes, based on scenarios 
  • Edited scripts 
  • Integrated episode scripts, combining scenes 
  • Brainstorming
  • Improvisation
  • Draft scripts done by individuals
  • Cold and warm reads (voice)  of draft scripts
Progress up to now
Circus SWG (Kayden Oconnell)
World: Sometime about 200 years in the future, aboard a travelling entertainment starship similar to "Buffalo Bill's Wild West" or the Cotton Blossom in "Show Boat."   
Characters: Leading characters developed. Others TBD
Meeting Time: Saturdays, 5 PM SLT
Status: has completed a draft script for the opening episode. 
Current Tasks:
Reformat draft script to meet ART presentation format
Develop collection of episode outlines in the form of issues and resolutions. 
Sc-Fi SWG (New-- Catboy Qunhua) 
World: Trailer park in the 1950's in which things happen as in 1950's B movies. 
Characters TBD
Meeting Time TBD
Ludo Merit SWG (New--deferred) 
This SWG will start with a focus on schedule.  Ludo can fit a weekly meeting on a weekday afternoon (SL time).  That timing will fit to European times.  If the time fits you and you have a world to pitch, talk to Ludo.
World: TBD
Characters TBD
Meeting Time: TBD (Weekdays, SL afternoons) 
Dilana Llewellyn SWG (New)
Dilana is now looking over our collection of worlds to pick one.  If you have a world you would like to pitch, try it on Dilana
World: TBD
Characters TBD
Meeting Time: TBD
Comedy SWG (Doc Grun)
Specialized comedy SWG.  The comedy SWG is available to  work over episode drafts prepared by a series SWG.  On request of the Series SWG, the comedy SWG will work over an episode script to add more comedy elements or to sharpen existing comedy elements. 
World: N/A
Characters N/A
Meeting time: not established. May be as called
Current Tasks: 
Review and add comedy lines to the draft of Circus series episode 1 (copies distributed.)
Intellectual Property Rights
Caution: Do not present ideas in this project if you want to retain personal IP rights to them
This project  is for collaborative work.  Any presentation in group meetings or in this forum is assumed to be offered to the writing group for collaborative work.  Such presentations invite comment and suggestions from others.  
If you invite comments and suggestions from others, you will not retain clear individual rights to the content.  People who comment will have IP claims of their own.   
The collective IP rights for any product of this group will be managed by Avatar Repertory Theater or its parent group.   Videos will be submitted to YouTube, Amazon, and other places. 
If you inadvertently mention something in a meeting that you want to retain IP rights for, tell the people in the meeting and discussion of that topic should stop immediately.  If it does not, leave the meeting to protect your claim.
Open project.  Join any time
  • General meeting time 5 pm SLT. General meeting lasts as long as needed.  
  • General meeting location:
  • The Circus SWG meets at this time also
  • The Sci-Fi SWG meets after the Circus SWG is finished
  • Meeting times for individual groups: as set by group
  • Meeting subject: the group chooses
  • How to Start: Send a notecard to Thinkerer Melville in Second Life
How to get into Second Life
Resources for starting Second Life
More about Theater and Video production in Second Life


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