Friday, October 12, 2012

2013 STAGE: LEA support applications

Performing Arts, LEA support applications
The virtual performing arts at LEA
The LEA is ready to begin taking applications for work in the performing arts

  • intentionally leaving the criteria open
  • no preconceived notions
  • see the ideas of the creative people
  • see what virtual world performance art can be
LEA Performing Arts Sim Application


  • shows can be large productions lasting months 
  • or a single half hour show
  • or anything else you you think of

Individuals and groups can request 
  • up to a quarter of a region, 
  • resources (time, space, prims), 
  • time for building, rehearsal, and performance.
The LEA is particularly interested in fostering projects that 
  • explore the special possibilities for performance in virtual worlds
  • push the boundaries of virtual art performance 
  • don't just simulate actual world performances in virtual spaces. 

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