Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2013 EVENT: Festival der Liebe (festival of love) Oct 19-21

Festival der Liebe (festival of love) Oct 19-21
Festival of Love 2012
  • Festival der Liebe
  • A three-day cultural journey through Second Life 
  • 19.-21. October 2012  Starting Friday morning (SLT)
  • readings · Live Music · Exhibitions
  • This year's theme is light and shadow
Schedule of EventsThe times are given in CET* (MEZ) and in Second Life Time (PDT). 
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*Central European Time (CET), used in most parts of the European Union, is a standard time that is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). 
Hosted by the literature group BRENNENDE BUCHSTABEN in cooperation with  
  • Bell´s Café (Libellchen Schirmer), 
  • SL Cologne (Zaphod Enoch), 
  • Pegasus Library (BukTom Bloch), 
  • SL Planetarium (Spectare Babii, April Luve, Bastian75 Barbosa, Michalis), 
  • Second Radio and SL Leipzig (Angie Ling, JohnWinston VanDyke), 
  • GalleRyArt (ChapTer Kronfeld), 
  • and others

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