Monday, August 2, 2010

2013 HELP: Torley Linden comments on Windows 7 support

Torley commented on my recent blog:
Windows 7 and that first hour experience in Second Life
I complained there about the system requirements given to newcomers when they consider installing Second Life.  These requirements make no mention of Windows 7 and give the impression that you cannot run Second Life on Windows 7.   
Torley said:
Thanks for calling this out (I like your use of red text) — Lotte Linden shared your post with some of us who were going over updates to the System Requirements. We agree that there needs to be accountability about certain things that should be on there: for BIG example and directly related to your post, Windows 7 (32-bit) IS supported but needs to be added to the SysReq. Otherwise, how the heck would you know?
Wish we could update our webpages as quickly as we can with the wiki (where an edit takes a few seconds, and many such edits have helped many Resis who didn't have to stumble in the dark afterwards).
You didn't name your graphics card, but the "unknown" message isn't because of Windows 7. Our GPU table (that identifies graphics cards) is now on the web with 2.1, so we can update it easier. And if your card is fast enough, yes, it should've autodetected "High" for you.

Thinkerer Melville says:
I am spreading the word that Win 7 (32 bit) is supported  
As to Win 7 (64 bit).   My system is Win 7 (64 bit) Ultimate and runs version 2.1 and Snowglobe (February) perfectly.  I looked at the installation. I think the SL viewers and various other legacy programs are being run in a 32 bit mode. If so, the 64 bit version will run the viewers exactly as does the 32 bit version and is suitable for SL. 
My unrecognized graphics card is 
Nvidea Ge force GT 220 
and runs the High graphics setting fine. I would expect that Nvidea has info out that tells what cards are compatible with the Nvidea cards already in the GPU table. 

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  1. this was a well written article. i have vista which experiences a lot of problems. idk if i should wait out to get windows 8 or just get the 7 now...

  2. I ran SL on Vista with no problems that I could not fix. Win 7 has few problems. I got win 7 because the whole computer was better. CPU, graphics card, memory,win 7 - 64 bit.


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