Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2013 HOBBIES: Rail Jam from SLRR Rail Groups

The SLRR Rail Groups 'Rail Jam' is a fun Rail event on Sunday August the 15th 2010
at 11:00 AM. Everyone can join it. Bring your train to Bagha Station
It will be a run from Bagha Station to Calleta  Hobo station along the public main line
of the SLRR.
-   If you want to join be on time to rez your train.
-   If you want to watch just pick a station along the main line
You can also run all the way to Tuliptree to visit the last station on the
main line as well .
A complete landmark collection for this run and for the entire Atoll continent is available at the Hobo Helpers HQ:
Comments, Questions or Remarks you can send to DOUGIE Flossberg of the
SLRR Rail Group.
This notice, the map graphic, and the landmark collection are courtesy of Virtual Railway Consortium


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