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2017 HG: How are the HGProjects going? Summary

How are the HGProjects going?  Summary 
Updated 1/12/2020
With HG projects developing well, it is time to pull back and get the big picture of how the people of the metaverse are developing the metaverse and what more do we need?  Here is a summary of current projects.

Currrent HGproject categories (my list)

  • Entry and newcomer welcome.
  • Ease of finding places of interest.
  • Ease of finding events of interest.
  • Ease of evaluating grids.
  • Ease of finding friends and communities of shared interest.
  • Incentives to hypergrid.
  • Wish list
  • OpenSimulator Development

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Metaverse events, current and upcoming



        Entry and newcomer welcome

        Ease of finding places of interest 

        Ease of finding events of interest

        Ease of evaluating grids

        Ease of finding friends and communities of shared interest

        Incentives to hypergrid

        Wish list

        • One-click group joiner

        OpenSimulator Development


        Progress is being made on a number of items that are important to the social development of the hypergrid, even in the absence of a guiding and supporting organization. One could argue that the Hypergrid offers a kind of free market of ideas and opportunities and therefore needs no guidance or management. In a community of creative and capable people, ideas will be implemented spontaneously.
        Nevertheless, I have researched the interest in developing a kind of "Hypergrid Chamber of Commerce" and found that there have been a number of previous efforts that did not thrive.  I will post that research soon.    

        News and Notes

        HG links-- depending on your interests 

        Metaverse beginner help

        Schools in virtual worlds

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