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2015 NEW: HG: HG Welcome Center. HGProjects. Possible content and presentation

HG Welcome Center HGProjects.  
Possible content and presentation
A presentation at Expo 2 of OSCC15 by Thirza Ember provides content that should be considered for inclusion in the HG welcome center.  Here, examples of the content and means of presentation are shown in pictures.  The complete content can probably be obtained from Thirza.
Web linked displays leading 
to important web resources

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Sunbeam Magic recommended this Expo: 

I think we should take our cue from the OSCC HG Expo 2 that is all about HG :) I like the look and feel of this Expo and think it would do well as a Welcome center for newbies and us veterans :) 
As part of the HG Welcome Center project, I am collecting and posting examples of possible content and of possible presentation methods.   I will not take a position about anything other than that the items I am presenting are worth considering.  As I routinely told my brainstorming groups, The way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas to choose 

As a mental model, I think we may come up with three products: 

  • A single, localized sim in some HG location.
  • A model HGWC with readily available, free-to-copy, units for a DIY HGWC
  • A web-based HGWC that people can read before they come into HG 
  • Keep in mind that what we are really producing is experiences. 
  • Don't think of our products as digital things.  We are producing:
  • Experiences that develop specified skills in our learners.  
  • (More after the break)

Metaverse events, current and upcoming

  • The Grand Finale Winners announcements for MachinimUWA VIII:  
  • Sunday 12/13 6AM SLT (note its AM!!) 


        Metaverse beginner help

        Web based content about HG activities
        A treasure hunt encourages grid travel
        • But we would need a series of hunts
        People and places
        • Note that people are often accessible by listing in Google+

        Our answer to  "Where can I go?"
        Landmarks are the easiest way to travel
        • These landmarks are in categories, for focused selection 
        Go places, meet people

        What good is sitting alone in your room?
        Travel offices
        Hypergridding:  YES YOU CAN!
        Why and how to hypergrid

        Be sure they know why and how



        News and Notes


          The Hypergrid WIP Show

          The Hypergrid WIP is a one hour "show & tell" of works in progress or recently completed. All builders from beginner to pro are invited.  Presentations are in voice and text.  For text presentations, best bring the text in a notecard and paste it into chat.  Voice presentations may be captured in video.  Stills and videos from the show may appear in this blog. 

          Next WIP show 

          • Next WIP show: Dec 13
          • Kayaker Magic holds a Zombie party.
          • HG address below: paste into the World Map next to Find. Click Find, TP
          • II 
          • in Kitely: paste into Nav (top) bar of Firestorm, Enter.
          • hop:// II/68/369/22

            Previous Articles from the WIP show 

                Entertainment on the Hypergrid

                HG links-- depending on your interests

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