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2015 EDU: ART: UWA art 2015 exhibit selections and comments

UWA art 2015 exhibit selections and comments
Picture report with comments
UWA 3D Art Challenge
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  • Where is Arcadia?

Metaverse events, current and upcoming

  • The Grand Finale Winners announcements for MachinimUWA VIII:  
  • Sunday 12/13 6AM SLT (note its AM!!) 


        Metaverse beginner help


        The art depends on your viewpoint
         Dominates exhibit
        Runners on Fibonacci's spiral 
         Solkide Auer and Sniper Siemens
        • Look close in the 3D world.  See how the effect is produced.
         Impossible today?...Possible tomorrow
        Dusty Canning
        Connecting with the world and unite
        Delain Canucci
        Art you walk into
        Chic Aeon
        In search of perfection
        Chic Aeon
        Yepar Saenz
        • Maze 
        • Walk next to the wall on your right.  
        • Stay next to it.  
        • You will get out
        Lilia Artis
        • Click image to enlarge
        The future is in our hands
        JesseJames Rossini 
        • The sound of the ocean is in the Art
        • Effective use of sound in the art
        Pursue impossible. Leanardo Davinci
        Janine Portal
        Pursue the end of homelessness 
        Nino Vichan
        • Art crying out for compassion
        • Go there and you will hear it 
        • Effective use of sound in the art

        News and Notes


          The Hypergrid WIP Show

          The Hypergrid WIP is a one hour "show & tell" of works in progress or recently completed. All builders from beginner to pro are invited.  Presentations are in voice and text.  For text presentations, best bring the text in a notecard and paste it into chat.  Voice presentations may be captured in video.  Stills and videos from the show may appear in this blog. 

          Next WIP show 

          • Next WIP show: Dec 13
          • Kayaker Magic holds a Zombie party.
          • HG address below: paste into the World Map next to Find. Click Find, TP
          • II 
          • in Kitely: paste into Nav (top) bar of Firestorm, Enter.
          • hop:// II/68/369/22

            Previous Articles from the WIP show 

                Entertainment on the Hypergrid

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