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2015 EVENTS: HG: HYPEvents, a Hypergrid event directory. For my HG BeatThis List

HYPEvents, a Hypergrid event directory,
with a new secret ingredient!

Grids have their own calendars and so do some communities.  The secret ingredient here is that HYPEvents will scrape those calendars and publish what it finds. No extra work by event managers.  They just tell HYPEvents the calendar URL.  

HYPEvents launched a website listing events from all over the Hypergrid so avatars can find out what is going on right now, and where.   I am adding this to my HG BeatThis list

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Metaverse events, current and upcoming


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    Announcement about HYPEvents 

    The website, scrapes the web and gets event info from grid event calendars. The site provides a single listing of the events ordered by date. It offers easy timezone conversion and the location (as a hypergrid address) of each event.
    • Put the Hypergrid address in the World Map next to Find.  Click Find, TP
    • The HG address will not work as a web url.
    • You can use a HG address from any HG-enabled grid.
    • Opensim, Hypergrid: Summary
    Initiator Tom Frost said, "I was fed up with missing events. There is so much going on, but the information about what is happening where and when is scattered. There really is no single directory, no overview of all the events in one uniform format. Until now.".
    Instead of creating yet another site that event organizers have to post each individual event on, Frost created HYPEvents to pull in the information that is already published on grid websites and public calendars.
    Frost is always on the look-out for new event calendars that are not yet included on the site, and encourages grid-owners to publish their events in an easy-to-parse format:
    "Many grids don't publish their events, or publish them only in-world or on internal forums that are only for members. If you are not a member of such a grid, you won't know about the nice events that are going on! And the events miss out on a large potential audience. Publishing an event calendar is a win-win for everyone.", Frost says.
    Grid owners or event organizers who maintain an event calendar can let the site know about their calendar to have it added. Send an email at and send us a link to the grid's event calendar! Ical feed works best, but we can also build a custom scraper and parser for web-based event calendars.-
    Frost says, "The website is still under construction, and probably always will be. I have many features I want to add, so in the spirit of google, consider the site a permanent beta."
    The website is a not-for-profit initiative by Tom Frost with the goal of bringing closer the hypergrid community.
    For more information, visit For inquiries send an email to

    Grids currently covered by HYPEvents

    Sample of what you might find on HYPEvents 

    Fri, Nov 20, 23:00 - 00:00 CET wosy O'grady Live @ Starlight Ballroom (The Great Canadian Grid)
    Sat, Nov 21, 00:00 - 01:00 CET DJ Nox Rocks @ Po' Monkey (The Great Canadian Grid)
    Sat, Nov 21, 00:00 - 01:00 CET MadMaxHuet Live @ Po Monkey (The Great Canadian Grid)
    Sat, Nov 21, 01:00 - 02:00 CET Tone Uriza Live @ Po Monkey (The Great Canadian Grid)
    Sat, Nov 21, 02:00 - 03:00 CET DJ Nox Rockabilly Party! @ The Club House (The Great Canadian Grid)
    Sat, Nov 21, 03:00 - 05:00 CET Eat bacon (OpenSimWorld)
    Sat, Nov 21, 03:00 - 05:00 CET DJ Tony Foxx @ Hot Rod's 50's Diner (The Great Canadian Grid)
    Sat, Nov 21, 10:00 - 09:30 CET Something Wicked This Way Comes (The Great Canadian Grid)
    Sat, Nov 21, 17:00 - 18:00 CET Ratkajino Hour (3RD Rock Grid)
    Sat, Nov 21, 19:00 - 21:00 CET Malon Wyngard – Summer of Arts (german reading) (Metropolis)
    Sat, Nov 21, 20:00 - 21:00 CET The Fabulous Wailers (3RD Rock Grid)
    Sat, Nov 21, 21:00 - 23:00 CET Lighthouse Point Grand Opening
    Sat, Nov 21, 21:00 - 22:00 CET STAR WARS SATURDAY (Kitely)
    Sat, Nov 21, 21:00 - 23:00 CET Jazzification and other cool stuff – Summer of Arts (Party) (Metropolis)
    Sat, Nov 21, 22:00 - 22:00 CET FrancoGrid présente EgO Jail, une installation par Jade Yu Fhang (FrancoGrid)
    Sat, Nov 21, 22:00 - 23:30 CET Community Gathering (3RD Rock Grid)
    Sun, Nov 22, 04:00 - 06:00 CET DJTommy Seetan @ Marina Bay Beach Club (The Great Canadian Grid)
    Sun, Nov 22, 05:00 - 10:00 CET Speakeasy's Saturday Night Dance Party (Littlefield Grid)
    Sun, Nov 22, 10:00 - 09:30 CET Something Wicked This Way Comes (The Great Canadian Grid)
    Sun, Nov 22, 18:00 - 19:30 CET The Literary Hour @ Eldoland 1 (3RD Rock Grid)
    Sun, Nov 22, 19:00 - 21:00 CET ParaRP at Starfleet Nyota (OpenSimWorld)
    Sun, Nov 22, 19:00 - 20:30 CET UF Starfleet Astraios Mission (3RD Rock Grid)
    Sun, Nov 22, 20:00 - 21:00 CET Joaquin Gustav-LIVE-Enerdhil (3RD Rock Grid)
    Sun, Nov 22, 21:00 - 22:00 CET Hypergrid WIP (Show and Tell) (Kitely)
    Sun, Nov 22, 22:00 - 23:00 CET Kitely Community Meeting (Kitely)
    Sun, Nov 22, 23:00 - 01:00 CET Bill Gentry Live 2pm @ Po Monkey Country Sunday (OpenSimWorld)



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      The Hypergrid WIP Show

      The Hypergrid WIP is a one hour "show & tell" of works in progress or recently completed. All builders from beginner to pro are invited.  Presentations are in voice and text.  For text presentations, best bring the text in a notecard and paste it into chat.  Voice presentations may be captured in video.  Stills and videos from the show may appear in this blog. 

      Next WIP show

        • Next WIP show: Sun. Nov. 22, 12 pm SLT, on Cookie II,  Kitely  

        • HG address below: paste into the World Map next to Find. Click Find, TP
        • II 
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        • hop:// II/68/369/22

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