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2014 PROMO: PEOPLE: Checklist for promoting your virtual world projects and communities

Checklist for promoting your 
virtual world projects and communities
Updated 11/25/15

  1. Seek inworld communities that would be interested in your project
  2. Seek outworld communities that would be interested in your project.
  3. Join or create a Google community and Facebook group relevant to your project.
  4. Find or start a collaborative blog that matches a relevant community
  5. Make a video showing your project and avatars doing things in it.  
  6. Post the video on YouTube.  (Other places tend to remove posts with low traffic.)
  7. Put your video on your blog and link to that in your groups/communities.
  8. Create a web page to tie your promotion work together in one place.
  9. Hold events and put them on calendars and blogs

What to ask yourself about promoting your Opensim project

  • What is your target audience?  What kinds of people will be interested in this?
  • How can you reach these people at low cost?
  • Why would these people be interested in what you have to offer?
  • What would catch the attention of these people?
  • How can people get more information about this on the web?
  • Do your have special events that will attract people?
  • How can you reach people via the web?
  • How can people easily get to your place? Can you make it easier?
  • What will cover the costs of operation?
  • What is your objective here?  How will you know when you reach that?
  • Promotion: from virtual worlds. Summary
  • (More after the break)

Metaverse events, current and upcoming


    Metaverse beginner help


    1. Seek inworld communities that would be interested in your project

    • Search in the grid groups and land for terms used in you project.
    • Search in the grid forum for terms used in you project.
    • Visit land that seems related.  
    • Look for people who are very active in a grid.  Ask them.

    2. Seek outworld communities that would be interested in your project.

    15 largest G+ Communities on HG:  Maria's article  

    3. Join or start a collaborative blog that matches a relevant community

    • Put some articles in the blog of interest to people in the outworld.
    • Write about what your readers will be interested in. 
    • That is one of the advantages of collaboative blogs. 
    • More writers cover a wider range and so get a wider audience.

    4. Make a video.  

    • Don't put your hypergrid address in your videos and expect it to get you traffic.  
    • Sure, put it there if it makes you feel good.  
    • But we of the internet generation don't write down addresses from the screen.  
    • We get it wrong too often.
    • We copy-paste.  That doesn't work with videos. 

    5. Join or create a G+ community and Facebook group fitting your project

    • G+ community favors easy conversation among community members.
    • Posting pictures and videos, telling experiences, promoting events.

    6.  Hold events and get them on your grid calendar and other places.

        7. Give your landmark an attractive picture

        • Here's how to do it in Firestorm:
        • Take a picture in the parcel; show the best looking features
        • Upload the picture to your inventory.  
        • Stand on the landing point you want. 
        • Top of your screen, choose "World" > "Parcel". 
        • Click the Landing Point "set" button. 
        • Slide the selected picture into the snapshot area.

        8. Distribute your landmark

        9. Textable instructions for getting there

        • Below is the simplest and most reliable method I have found.
        • HG address: Use this form
        • Put the line below in the world map, next to Find. Click Find.  TP.
        • II
        • In Kitely: put the line below in the Firestorm nav bar, enter
        • hop:// II/77/373/22
        • To get the Firestorm Hop, go to the place, click the Nav bar.

        News and Notes


          The Hypergrid WIP Show

          The Hypergrid WIP is a one hour "show & tell" of works in progress or recently completed. All builders from beginner to pro are invited.  Presentations are in voice and text.  For text presentations, best bring the text in a notecard and paste it into chat.  Voice presentations may be captured in video.  Stills and videos from the show may appear in this blog. 

          Next WIP show

            • Next WIP show: Sun. Nov. 22, 12 pm SLT, on Cookie II,  Kitely  

            • HG address below: paste into the World Map next to Find. Click Find, TP
            • II 
            • in Kitely: paste into Nav (top) bar of Firestorm, Enter.
            • hop:// II/68/369/22

            Previous Articles from the WIP show 

                Entertainment on the Hypergrid

                HG links-- depending on your interests

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