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2014 VIDEO: HELP: Storyboarding from the set. AMP video notes.

Storyboarding from the set.   AMP video notes  
A storyboard is a graphic depiction of a narrative.  The term is most commonly used in connection with preparation for movie and video production, although storyboards are also used in planning for business, marketing, presentations and instructional units.  This article reports how we used a virtual world to produce storyboards for shooting a video.  
The immaculate perception trailer park 
  • We need an overhead view because there is a flying saucer involved.  
  • Fortunately, in a virtual world you can make one trailer and copy it.
  • And your camera can get an overhead view without a crane.
  • We make the mistakes so you don't have to.
  • (More after the break)

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    • What do you do if you can't draw?
    • Maybe you can build.
    • Maybe you can find it on the Kitely Market.
    • Maybe you can find someone to build it for you.
    Immaculate Perception Trailer Park
    • It only takes one trailer to do this.  
    • Even an amateur can change the color of an object
    • When an object has copy permissions, you can make many copies.
    Long shot to establish the scene
    Mama tends the triplets
    Placing a character
    • Setting up a scene.  The figure you see can be an avatar or NPC.
    • The red square marks where the character is to stand.
    • The square is set transparent and phantom.  It is normally invisible.
    • For this picture, I pressed Ctrl-Alt-t to highlight transparencies.
    • The director can place NPCs to set up a scene.
    • When all characters are placed, places can be marked as here.
    • If this is a storyboard, the marked locations can be read from the markers
    • For video capture on this set, avatars can find their marks from the markers.
    • When highlight transparency is on (above), the marker square is easy to see.
    • When highlight transparency is off (below), the marker is invisible.
    • The director can move NPCs around at will 
    Avatar and pose balls
    • Pose balls are used to seat an avatar in a repeatable position.
    • Pose balls can be moved to adjust the position of the seated avatar.  
    • When we did not have NPCs, I used objects of the same height.
    • Storyboard (stills)
    • Animated storyboard
    • Animated cartoon
    Table from the viewpoint of Junior

    • Once a virtual 3D set is constructed, you can get any camera view you want.
    • The director can place the camera.  
    • If camera movement is needed, a camera operator is needed.
    • The director can try out and select the lighting.  
    • The lighting can be in the storyboards.

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