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2015 BIZ: "How do I import things into Kitely to put them on Kitely market?" A job for Ann Tree Prenyour?

"How do I import things into Kitely 
so I can put it on Kitely market?"  
A job for Ann Tree Prenyour?

The problem

  • A content creator, Crea, is working in a hypergrid other than Kitely
  • Crea wants to import content into Kitely to put it on Kitely Market.  
  • Crea wants an easy and reliable way to import.  
  • Crea creates a Kitely account and an avatar called Crea
  • How does Crea get her stuff into Kitely?
Come back after the break to hear Ann Tree Prenyour say, "You people are all amateurs!"
  • (More after the break)

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AnnYou people are all amateurs!
Selby:  I told them you would say that. I wish you would be nicer to my readers.
Ann:  I'm nice to my customers.  When I'm teaching, snotty is what gets attention.  Besides, everybody is an amateur at lots of things.  You virtual worlders are amateurs at marketing.
Selby: We have great content creators.  
Ann:  But you have amateur content sellers.  You haven't even reached the stage of Cottage industry.   Your production is like a cottage industry.  But your marketing is still pre-industrial.
Selby: We have Kitely Market  on the web selling over 12,000 Items.  That's not pre-industrial.  
Ann:  And right next to that you have people trying to figure out how to import goods into Kitely to get them listed on Kitely Market.  Did you ever hear of Marco Polo and the Silk Road?   Those were pre-industrial.  Back then, people had already thought of Importing as a business.  
Ann (continues):  Makers of silk cloth in China did not have to figure out how to get their goods to market in Europe.  There were importers who already knew how to do that.  The people in China could concentrate on making more goods.  Cousin Impo, would you try to explain the importing business to them.
Impo:  Back then, my great uncle would go to China, buy up some goods, and bring them back to Europe, and sell them for a much higher price.  My uncle had already figured out how to import stuff.  Check out my cousin Pier's work at Pier 1.
Yesbutters: Yes, but that won't work with digital goods because once you have a full-perm copy of something, you can make as many instances as you like.  Crea is going to want a lot of money to let you buy all the future sales of the product.  
Impo:  We have another import model: Consignment.  We don't buy the goods.  We take the goods on consignment and sell them on behalf of Crea.  We pay Crea part of the proceeds and keep the rest to cover our import and sales costs--and our profit.   
Crea: How would that work in virtual worlds, where we don't have any law to enforce contracts?
Impo:  In the simplest arrangement,  I would bring it into Kitely and put in on the market under your name.  You would pay me for that service and we would be done.  

Yesbutters:  Yes, but you can't offer things for sale except under your name.  
Impo: The arrangement I would prefer, then, would be to give credit to Crea in the description and set up the payments to be split between Crea and me.  Maybe 20% to me and 80% to Crea.  
Yesbutters:  Yes, but you can't set that up on Kitely Market.  It doesn't handle split payments. 
Impo:  So I have to handle the split after the money comes to me.  At the beginning Crea will have to trust me to treat her fairly.  I will get an accounting from Kitely and Crea can check up on me in the copy I send her.  But if I want to run an import business, it is not in my interest to cheat my creators.  If they don't trust me, I am out of business.  
Ann: I hear that Kitely Market may handle split payments in the future.  If the Kitely people see that adding that feature will increase their business, they will probably give it higher priority. 
Impo:  Importers would make it easier to creators to put their creations on Kitely Market. 
Ann: And one of the fundamental rules of influence is: "Make it easy for people to do what you want." 
Yesbutters:  Yes, but it is still a matter of priority.  You don't know how much of a business increase it would add or how soon.  Can you find any importers in Kitely Market right now?
Ann: No, and you are not going to find them until Kitely Market gets more friendly to co-op selling.  
Impo:  So it's a chicken or egg problem.  
Ann:  Not necessarily.   Maybe someone is importing now, just not promoting the business very well. But there are other kinds of value-added from co-op selling. For  example, Ricardo Sorciere has a store on Kitely Market with several games.  They are all games he has made, so not co-op.  If people like his games, he gets a rep as a game-maker.  
Yesbutters:  Yes, but that just helps him.  
Ann: There you go again.  Talking when you should be thinking.  It helps his store.  If Joe Else had made a good game, it might sell better in the good crowd at Ricardo's store than as the lone game in the Joe's store.  Joe might not even have to guess on that.  If Ricardo did not object, Joe could sell on both stores.  
Yesbutters: Yes, but Joe has to pay Ricardo for selling the product.  Joe would make more if he sold the product in his own store.  
Ann: Wrong again.  Joe would make more if his sales were as good in his own store as in Ricardo 's store.  But Ricardo has more traffic.  That's partly because of Ricardo's rep and partly because his store has a wider range of choice.  Suppose at Ricardo's store Joe gets twice the sales he gets at his own store.  Assume that Joe sells at the same price in both stores and pays Roberto 20% commission.  If you are smarter than a 6th grader, you can figure out the best deal there.
Selby: So that's why I can buy Dell laptops at the Dell store or on Amazon, where Amazon gets a cut of the sales.
Ann:  That is just another example of value-added with co-op selling.  Advertising is yet another advantage.  In the amateur world the same person does all the work.  In the modern world, the work is subdivided into parts and the parts go to the people best able to do them.  It will work better when the infrastructure supports co-op selling.
Selby:  So somebody might be interested in opening up an aggregating shop on Kitely Market, to do the selling while others do the creating.   
Ann: That would be more attractive if the infrastructure on Kitely market gave it better support.   



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