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2015 VIDEO: EDU: Time Travel. The Drax Files: [Episode 33: Luxembourg 1867]

The Drax Files: World Makers 
[Episode 33: Luxembourg 1867]
Why every museum should have the capability to create and present virtual realities.  

"Of course every museum should have something like this" says Pit Vinandy, referring to the virtual reality component at Fort Thüngen Museum and the City Museum of Luxembourg, where his team has implemented an immersive way to connect to local history, a method to time travel and experience culture and society as it was hundreds of years ago.
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        Metaverse beginner help

        With the help of two Oculus Rift VR headsets and 10 computers, visitors can role-play 1867, a crucial year not only for tiny Luxembourg: sandwiched between rivals Germany and France, the little country became known due to the "Luxembourg crisis", itself a turning point for the whole of Europe at the time and the burning question at the time resonates today: will people of this multi-cultural continent grow closer together and overcome their differences or will the leaders of countries perpetually in conflict continue to let armed response rein supreme?
        Pit Vinandy and team have created a digital simulation of the Fort Thüngen and the Pfaffenthal region of Luxembourg City inside the virtual world of Second Life. Accessible from all over the world, at all hours of the day, it quickly became home to a passionate international role-playing community, making the digital structures come alive and truly vibrant.

        Expanded instruction

        • A diorama brings the history into 3D, but leaves it static.
        • A virtual world animates the scene.
        • Lets the characters move and speak.
        • Lets the visitor walk through the world.
        • Provides notes about significant people or objects.
        • Gives the objects relevant sounds.
        • Present not just one scene, but a whole place full of scenes.

        Expanded audience

        • A diorama is an installation in a building.
        • People travel there to learn.
        • People visit there when the museum is open.
        • A virtual world travels to the learners.
        • Any time of the day or night. 
        • They can visit a virtual world with friends and docents.
        • The friends and docents can be anywhere in the world.

        Expanded efficiency

        • A diorama is installed in an expensive building.
        • That building is expensive to build and maintain.
        • A virtual world rests in computer files.
        • It travels the internet.
        • That money that went into the building--
        • can go into the development of educational materials instead.

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