Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 PEOPLE: ART: BURN2, Carnival of Mirrors, Oct. 18­-25, 2015 Get your plot now!

BURN2, Carnival of Mirrors, Oct. 18­-25, 2015 
Get your plot now!
Update 8/29/2015
The annual Burning Man event is emulated in Second Life.  Preparations for the event are ongoing now.  You can buy a plot, enter the plot lottery, enter the Juried Art Camp, or simple spread the word in your social media.  Now is the time to start.

  • You build your art
  • Burn2 gets you an audience
  • The power of aggregation 


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News and Notes


    PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE: UWA 3D Art & Film Challenges 2015,SciFi Film FestivalSummer of Arts submissions open on MetropolisScroll down for News, Notes, and Info


    BURN2 2015 Juried Art Camp

    • Applications for Juried camps opens: 3rd August 2015
    • BURN2 2015 Juried Art Camp application
    • Applications for Juried camps closes: 5th September 2015
    • Juried selections announced: 7th September 2015
    • Building Starts: 12th September 2015
    • Building/Placement Ends: 15th October 2015

    BURN2 2015 Plot Lottery

    • Plot Lottery gives you a chance at a free plot
    • 512 square meters with 117 prims
    • Burn2 Plot Lottery
    • *Entering the Plot Lottery is no guarantee of a lot.*

    Buy a plot

    • L$2500 = 512sqm, 117       Prims 
    • L$5000 = 1024sqm, 234        "
    • L$10000 = 2048sqm, 468      "
    • L$20000 = 4096sqm, 936      "
    • You can buy a plot for BURN2 at the kiosks on the playa
    • Builder Guidelines for Burn2

    Previous Burn2 reports

    News and Notes


      PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE: UWA 3D Art & Film Challenges 2015,

      The University of Western Australia (UWA) has launched 'PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE, the 6th UWA Grand Art Challenge and MachinimUWA VIII with a starting prize pool in excess of L$560,000.   Deadline: Midnight SLT, 31st October 201

      SciFi Film Festival

      • Deadline for Late Submissions: Midnight – 29 August 2015

      Summer of Arts submissions open on Metropolis

      Entertainment on the Hypergrid

      Depending on your interests

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