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2015 BIZ: HG: Kitely Boosts services for business. Traffic reports.

Kitely Boosts services for business.  Traffic reports.
Updated 8/17/2015
The Kitely CEO thinks from a business standpoint.  The latest demonstration: the Kitely traffic reports.  Of little interest to you unless you have a place that depends on traffic.  Valuable if you want to build traffic to your place.

Each Kitely Account gets a traffic report

  • The report is in CSV format (comma separate variable)
  • Excel or compatible spreadsheet can read that file.
  • You can ask questions such as:
  • When do people visit this place? 
  • How long do they stay? 
  • How much do they spend (Kitely Credits, USD)
  • What grids do they come from?
  • What grids do the biggest spenders come from?
  • What grids do the people who spend the most time come from?
  • Who comes here often? 

What does the Account History report?

  • Start time
  • End time
  • Event (generally a user visit)
  • User name 
  • Grid user came from
  • Kitely World of the event.
  • Duration of event (visit)
  • Kitely money 
  • USD

How could I use this in marketing? 

  • Come in and meet people when I have the most traffic.
  • Make sure I have notecards and signs in the language of my visitors.
  • Ask my frequent visitors why they come.
  • Market heavily in grids I get the most traffic from.
  • Market directly to people who visit my place a lot.
  • Invite people to join my G+ Community supporting this place.

How would I market to individuals without spamming them? 

  • Have a G+ Community that carries information you want to distribute.
  • Invite the individuals to your G+ Community
  • When they join, send them a welcome note 
  • and tell them how to turn notifications on or off.

How do I get the traffic report?

Kitely as the business grid?

Product differentiation

In economics and marketingproduct differentiation (or simply differentiation) is the process of distinguishing a product or service from others, to make it more attractive to a particular target market. This involves differentiating it from competitors' products as well as a firm's own products.  (Wikipedia.)

Web pages give you a web presence 

  • Your place can be found by a Google search
  • Searchers find a web page with whatever introduction you want to give.
  • And whatever links you want to provide.
  • A web page these days is like address/phone number in the olden days.
  • If you don't have that you don't exist.

24/7 uptime, nearly 24/7

  • List by Maria Korolov: What are the best grids?
  • No grid can guarantee 24/7 uptime.  
  • Commercial grids need to come close. 
  • Kitely's operating model seems most promising on this dimension.
  • Kitely runs on Amazon servers (AWS). 
  • Hardware failure just switches you to other hardware. 
  • Hardware changes only affect idle servers.  There are plenty of others.  
  • Software updates on Kitely are done at midnight California time.
  • Most customers in US time zones can consider Kitely uptime to be 24/7

Feature-rich control panel

  • Resize Kitely Worlds Using a Graphical Tool

Kitely business services 


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