Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 HOBBY: VIDEO: iTEC A10 Warthog Weapons & HUD Testing. Physics engine: BulletSim PE

iTEC A10 Warthog Weapons & HUD Testing
Testing of the iTEC A10 Warthog running under ArribaSim Dev 8.x. Scenes were taken from my 3072 varregion using BulletSim PE as the physics engine.

"HUD and weapons for the iTEC A10 Warthog - though at its early stage shows very promising testing result and has the technology that can be used in other projects. During the making of the video I felt like I turned into a "Griefer on wings" spawning all that 30mm bullets and air to air missiles. Now I can move on working on the target aquisition using the mouselook look-a-like view that I came up with."

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