Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 STAGE: ART plays around on stage: Making Scenes, Friday, February 21st at 5pm SLT

ART plays around on stage: Making Scenes
Friday, February 21st at 5pm SLT
Coming this Friday!  We're going to make a few scenes, though not so you'd want to call the police or be shamed in front of your neighbors.............just little ones!  
Join Corwyn Allen, Kayden Oconnell, Rowan Shamroy and Caledonia Skytower as they read and rehearse scenes from some of your favorite movies.
Presented live in voice, free to all residents.  Donations accepted.
- is a project of New Media Arts, Inc. a nonprofit organization tax exempt under IRC 501(c)(3).
Donations may be tax deductible depending on your tax jurisdiction and circumstances.
Video-Machinima in virtual worlds
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