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2015 HELP: OPENSIM: VIDEO: Vehicles in Opensim. Bulletsim Physics. Region Crossing, flying.

Vehicles in Opensim.  Bulletsim Physics.  
Region Crossing, flying
Updated 10/23/2015
Opensim worlds work to improve vehicle movement.  See the demo videos.

Driving across 5 regions lined up in a straight line.
BulletSim is the module for OpenSimulator that creates virtual world physics using the Bullet physics Engine   This module provides high performance physics as well as physical vehicle performance compatible with Second Life
2013 OpenSim hosting survey:
Overall, 53 percent of respondents said they missed vehicle physics, a set of features which allow OpenSim vehicles to behave like those in Second Life. This was up slightly from 52 percent in 2011.  Hypergrid Business, Dec 12, 2013 
Comment by Maria Korolov, Feb 10, 2013
Physics is one area in which OpenSim has been lagging behind Second Life, which uses the proprietary Havok physics engine. By default, OpenSim uses the free, open source ODE physics engine until Bullet is complete. 
A better physics engine will allow for more realistic behavior by in-world objects, as well as better vehicles.   

Tech Background

BulletSim physics

Bullet physics 
Bullet is an open source physics engine featuring 3D collision detection, soft body dynamics, and rigid body dynamics. It is used in games, and in visual effects in movies. 
Real-time Physics Simulation
Home of the open source Bullet Physics Library and physics discussion forums


iTEC F117 Stealth for Opensim Using BulletSim PEToday, I want to share with everyone the result of testing BulletSim for flying objects. The video will demonstrate the basic flight maneuvers of an aircraft from ground to air and air to ground.  Shin Ingen
Watch on YouTube 
Basic helicopter flight maneuvers for Opensim using BulletSim PE.
Watch on YouTube
Advance Steering and Camera Control for Opensim’s BulletSim Supercar
Aston Martin driving
Published on Jan 23, 2014
This is a short video of My Aston Martin DB9R out on the Pro Racer Circuit which is a 9 Sim Megaregion running on Opensim 7.6 using ODE physics. I crash the car on purpose to show that the car will recover with no problems. There are no OS crashes, diving underground, or getting lagged out so you have to relog back in again.
Watch on YouTube 
Fighter. Bullet Physics. Top Gun ******
Video-Machinima in virtual worlds
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