Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 HELP: OPENSIM: Which twin has the megaregion? Copying an avatar

Which twin has the megaregion?
Copying an avatar
Thinkerer in Second Life
Background:  Multimondrian

Thinkerer in Kitely
Background:  Multimondrian
Moving my main video projects from Second Life to Kitely is turning out to be easier than I thought.   

Moving my objects and contents:

Above, you see my Multimondrian art piece.  Easily moved, scripts and all, via firestorm backup and import.
Moving my Thinkerer avatar:
A bigger problem was to get my Thinkerer avatar over to Kitely.   That avatar goes back to 2006.  A kind of a brand.  I use it in most of the video reports I make, so if you have been following this blog, you may have seen it.  I did not know that getting it duplicated in Kitely was even possible. 

But Ada Radius, CEO of New Media Arts, is an expert with avatar creation.   She came to the rescue.  Fortunately, the Thinkerer avatar was all copy-perm, so I could give her a copy of the complete avatar.  The "I Love Lauren" shirt could not be exported, but Xellessanova Zenith, the creator, gave Ada a full perm texture in SL. Thanks, Xellessanova .  Ada could then download the as a .tga file and upload it to Kitely.  And she could send me a copy so that I can upload it to any other grid.  
Ada then recreated the Thinkerer avatar in Kitely.   As you can see.  Thanks Ada
Which twin has the megaregion?
Lessons learned
  • If you expect your avatar to be a brand, be sure everything is full perm.
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  1. Thinkerer, how long have you been wearing that shirt? It's threadbear and I won't say what this is doing to my nose.

    1. The one in SL goes back to 2006, at the start of Lauren's long running comedy show. The one in Kitely is a brand new imported texture. And If you insist on smelling your computer screen, I can't be responsible for the consequences.