Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 STAGE: EVENT: Lauren's place this Tuesday, Feb 11, at 5 pm, SLT: Two hours of of comedy and variety

Lauren's place Tuesday, Feb 11, at 5 pm, SLT:  
Two hours of of comedy and variety 
Doc Grun manages the first hour--Lauren is away, probably explaining things to the NSA.  The second hour brings a new season of Be My Guest, a variety show featuring music and comedy.
@Cookie sim:  

At 6 pm SLT, Be My Guest  begins a new season at its new Second Life home at Lauren's Place on the Cookie Sim.   The only mixed-reality variety show in Second Life, Be My Guest will be seen live at broadcast time by an audience in Lauren's Place as well as on Livestream at:
We'll have films from Chinese Takeout, It Donned on Me, and live music from Amy Obenski.  Every show also features comedy antics from the Outta the Sandbox Players.
- You won't want to miss it.
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