Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2013 PROMO: Get SL marketing to promote what you want them to promote.

Get SL marketing to promote 
what you want them to promote.

  • Sailing community
  • Railway community
  • Artists
  • Video community
  • Writers
  • Musicians and entertainers
  • Estate owners
What?? How?
The usual way.   Give them something they want that also fits with what you want/

What they want:
We are now casting both humans and their avatars for a new promotional campaign that will be featured on SecondLife.com and across the web.
For this campaign, we’re looking for people who are comfortable revealing their “human side” alongside their avatars in Second Life, like in the image above. Specifically, we are looking for those whose avatars do not physically resemble their owners.   
This promotion aims to spotlight the diverse and creative communities in Second Life...
What you want is someone who fits that description and is doing something you want publicized.  One question on the application form is:
What do you like most about Second Life? What types of things do you do inworld?
There are lots of  people in Second Life who are doing what you want publicized.  Maybe they would fill out that application if they knew about this casting call.  Maybe all you have to do is tell them about it.  Maybe you have to point out that they could be getting free advertising for something they would like to promote.  Maybe you will want to fill out the application yourself.  
Application form 
To fill out the form online:  Go here
"...no personal information provided will be disclosed publicly unless you are selected and specifically consent to participate."
Source: Secondlife.com, Featured News 
Casting Call: Apply to Star in a Second Life Ad Campaign!

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