Saturday, April 20, 2013

2013 EDU: Among the cranial nerves. UKY collaboration with UWA - Anatomy & Human Biology

Among the cranial nerves
University of Kentucky collaboration with 
University of Western Australia 
Anatomy & Human Biology
Trigeminal Nerve
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University of Kentucky Collaboration with UWA - Anatomy & Human Biology
Cranial nerves are nerves that emerge directly from the brain, in contrast to spinal nerves, which emerge from segments of the spinal cord. In humans, there are traditionally twelve pairs of cranial nerves. Only the first and the second pair emerge from the cerebrum; the remaining ten pairs emerge from the brainstem.  --Wikipedia
Facial Nerve

There I am, next to the Parotid gland
Glossopharyngeal Nerve
The cranial nerves are familiar in biology, physiology, psycology, medicine, etc.

The red tube is a branch of the carotid.
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