Friday, April 5, 2013

2013 Help: New communications features, Version 3.5.0

New Communications Features, Version 3.5.0  
These features apply to Second Life standard Version 3.5.0 and higher

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  • Consolidated conversation window, shrinkable
  • Saves logs and transcripts of all conversations in the last 30 days
  • Your IMs should be there even if capped while you were offline
  • The transcript reopens the IM; the connection is open for your input.
  • Sorting by person makes it easy to find a previous contact.
  • Add people to an ongoing conference
  • Unified alert controls for incoming messages
  • Easy manage and clear message blocks.
  • New "Do not disturb" option saves incoming messages 
  • To get options on something, right-click
Consolidated conversation window
Saves logs and transcripts
Can sort by person

Conversation window
Click image to enlarge
Click the voice indicator to adjust volume for a speaker or a channel
Click the question mark for detailed help on the items.
Preferences-Chat window
Alerts: Displays and sounds
Settings for recent communication history
Preferences-Chat window (New) 
Communication events
  • Friend IM
  • Non-friend IM
  • Conference IM
  • Group Chat
  • Nearby Chat
Choose the system action for each event
  • Open conversation window
  • Pop up the message
  • Flash Toolbar button
  • None
Recent Communications (history) IMs
Conversation Log
Click to enlarge
  • Communicate button (top menu)
  • Communications Log (dropdown)
  • Im's capped?  Find capped items on the log, double-click to open
  • Sort button (list graphic)
Sort button offers
  • Name
  • Date
  • Friends on Top
  • Nearby chat history
People window, 2013
Manage blocked people and objects: 
  • People window
  • Open the Blocked tab  
  • To remove an item, click the item
  • Then click the trash can (upper right)
Help at hand (reminder)
  • Need help on a button?  Hover your cursor over it for a moment, look for a yellow explanation to pop up
  • Need help in on a window? Click on the question mark near the upper right corner.
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