Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 2ndHELP: BIZ: Land: Balanvi. Gets more out of the land with a sharp business model

Gets more out of the land 
with a sharp business model
An empty lawn
Location Link. Click to go or drag to the viewer screen:

A house grows when you approach

An elegant house
  • The house is in a rezzer
  • It rezzes when anyone is near
  • And derezzes when left alone
  • Only houses in active use are on the sim
  • The others use no prims, run no scripts 
  • Website
Contact:  kapacorn
  • This house rents for 299 Lindens per week  
  • About $1.20 USD 
Main sales office
Millionaire retreat
699 Lindens per week, 
$2.80 per week USD

Things you can do with your property

Change Homes

  • General = Furnished homes without adult aminations
  • Mature = Furished homes with adult aminations
  • Unfurnished = Empty homes with high quality designs
Security-Guest list
  • List of people who can come to your house
How to do these things
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
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  • Google search this blog, column on right
  • or put at the end of the search terms
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