Saturday, September 22, 2012

2013 MUSIC: VIDEO: UTHOQueFLI5vLjME-2-08 Steve McQueen by JJccc

Music Video: UTHOQueFLI5vLjME-2-08 Steve McQueen by JJccc

UTHOQueFLI5vLjME-2-08 Steve McQueen from JJcccArt on Vimeo.

...when i rendered this video i put it out as a totally maxed out mp4 file 2 gigs in size 76 fps and it looked laggey when i uploaed it to youtube. But the Guy at Genero tv emailed me and said that the file was way to big for them and had to be 300mb or less so i rerended the video at 24fps but cliked the render at max quality even though the bit rate was set to achieve a file size no greater than 300mb the render at max depth and max quality some how made the video com out smooth no lag...   -- JJccc
Music Videos done in Second Life Summary 2012
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