Monday, September 17, 2012

2013 HOBBIES: SS Enigmatic Photo Contest (Closed)

SS Enigmatic Photo Contest (Closed)
 Entry to SS Enigmatic
From now until Oct 7, 2012 the SS Enigmatic will be holding a photo contest. All images must be taken on the SS Enigmatic Sim. Images may or may not include avatars.  A variety of styles of shots is encouraged, scenery, action, romance (keep it clean!) depicting life and the environment on the sim.  The winner will be awarded 5000 Linden dollars.
Contact Sonrisa Seminario in world for more information.
Teleport to the space station
The S.S. Enigmatic sim in Second Life hosts a variety of events and activities, from role play and flyable space fighters, to art shows, a rock club, and even a bowling alley, there is always something entertaining to do or explore here.  This intricate build was selected as an Editor’s Pick destination in August of 2012. The Artist in Residence program, where an artist is given a 200 prim allowance to display art throughout the station for a one month period, is currently garnering attention. 
 On the Space Station
Attire:  Street clothes may be worn on the space station, although space suit (sans helmet, tanks, gloves) is recommended while on duty.  The space suit is required on the moon's surface, as well as on the alien mother ship. It is available at the RP landing point.  Please wear your group tag to indicate that you are involved in the role play, to distinguish yourself from non-role play civilians.


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