Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2013 HELP: Audience size limits in Second Life

Kit: Audience size limits in Second Life 
  • Unlimited, if you use webcasting
  • 300 to 400  if you use the intersection of four private sims
  • 70 to 100 if you use your private sim
  • 40 or fewer if you use a mainland sim 
Livestream lets you broadcast to the web.  Free for limited use.  BOP technology lets you present web broadcasts anywhere in Second Life.  You can put up a screen anywhere you can put out a poster.  Or you can give out wearable posters that see even in places they cannot rez.  
If you want a wearable poster, contact Thinkerer Melville in Second Life.
Livestream examples
Private sim(s) 
A private sim can generally accommodate 70 or more avatars, particularly if it is built to minimize sim resource costs (limited script loads and texture variety).  That number may go up to 100 if the audience is asked to remove scripted objects and elaborate attachments.
A four-corner junction of private sims can host 4x70=280 avatars (up to 400).  Voice can carry from across the sim boundaries if the sims are in the same estate.  (To get that done, you have to file a ticket with the request.)
Mainland sim
Mainland sims are limited to 40 avatars.  If you own the entire sim, you can limit access to the people coming too your event.  If you cannot control access to the sim, you cannot be sure of any particular number you can have at your event.  If you are concerned about the number of people you can have at your events, you probably do not want to use a mainland sim.
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